• Ashley - Hot Sauce Realm

    ”Star Cup is the star of the show!”

  • Laura A.

    “Cinnabar is my go to because it adds a whole new flavor to everything.”

  • Ashley S.

    “This is absolutely my new favorite hot sauce and I highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of sweet heat!”

  • SPICYAANDRYAA on Instagram

    "This might actually be my favorite green sauce I've tried. 🤭"

  • Ricky P.

    “I love it! It is a sweet, tangy flavorful taste, and the level of heat is on point! You can really taste all the ingredients!”

  • Chanda - Old Boney Mountain

    “Very well blended together. It has a really cool savory heat to it. I get the bell pepper, then I get savory, and spice. It tastes like Arizona to me. This should be Arizona’s hot sauce!”

    Video review 
  • Fox Solo Spice

    “I opened one sauce late in the day and was ordering another of the same sauce in less than 24 hours. I love the labels!”

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