About Us

Tomasz Wasiuk

Since I was a teenager, I found myself often putting hot sauce on my meals. Fast forward to now, I have a fridge full of different hot sauces. Over this past year I have had a lot of time on my hands. I grew inspired by local companies such as High Desert from Tucson, Arizona Spice Co. based out of Mesa and various vendors from the food truck scene. I started experimenting with different sauces until I finally found a sauce my girlfriend, brother, and I thoroughly enjoyed. Which happened to be my jalapeno pineapple sauce, Green Hill. Now alongside making my sauces, I have been collecting video games over the past couple of decades. So when brainstorming a name for my new sauce, it was only natural that I chose something video game related. Thus started the theme for my brand.

Tomasz Heat retro


When making Tomasz Heat sauce, I want the world to know I am out here putting out sauces that will not only give you the heat you want in your meal but also enhance the taste of it. I want to put the fun into eating food.

Warm Regards,

Tomasz Wasiuk